Sometimes you just want to leap tall buildings and punch villains, other times you want something a little . . . weirder. Simple Superheroes unleashes your creativity to create exactly the hero you image. This is the 2nd Printing of Simple Superheroes #0.

Simple Superheroes: The Roleplaying Game of Infinite Powers and Possibilities is a framework that lets YOU create the heroes of your dreams. Simply imagine a set of Talents, give each a rank, place them in an ability category and intent, and play.

This game allows you and your friends to tell compelling stories, with climatic battles about heroes who fight for something. Characters have Relations to people, places, activities, or even Values, that tie them to the game world and help them to fight harder.

ISSUE 0 contains all the tools you need to unleash your imagination and creativity. It is a guide to spinning intriguing tales with challenging opposition, and to collectively fashioning your Universe.
Simple Superheroes uses a quick and simple d6 mechanical resolution system, while allowing a great amount of creativity in approaches. ISSUE 0 includes: all the rules you need to play; a plethora of heroes, villains, hordes and strikeforces; sample Universes and Cities; and a mini-scenario Le Jardin du Ciel.

Take a look at the Heart of Simple Superheroes for a summary of the rules.

Learn more about Simple Superheroes ISSUE #0

This is a fully cross-referenced and bookmarked PDF, 118 pages, black and white interior.

It is a 8.5 X 11 perfect bound book.

Revised 2nd Printing!

Format 8 1/2 x 11 perfect bound
Type Core Rules
Pages 112
Rule System/Engine Unleashed Engine

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Simple Superheroes #0

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