Reward Point Program

Reward Program Launched on March 4th, 2024!

• Reward points can be redeemed towards any PDF Only titles.

• One reward point is worth 10 pence (GBP), and you can redeem partial amounts.

• Earn one reward point for each £1 you spend on a PDF Only title or on an e-gift card.

• Redeem your points on the shopping cart page.

*reward points typically take a week to post to your account.

What does this mean for a Publisher?

Points redeemed earn a publisher half their value as a payout. For example, if a customer used 40 points on a $10 PDF, and paid the remaining $6, the publisher gets a normal $6 sale and earns another $2. (This is slightly better than a $8 sale, as there are fewer fees.)

Essentially this means that the marketplace provides half the discount and the publisher for who points are being redeemed provides the other half.

If you'd like to know how our publishers are compensated, you can find that on our potential publisher's page.