A collaborative storytelling game Powered by the Apocalypse designed to tell cyberpunk stories of your own making. Use world building tools to come up with unique settings that look and feel like the cyberpunk you and your friends have always wanted. Put questions that drive your characters at the heart of heists, mysteries, and conspiracies. Break a near future world and then try to put it back together. Play to find out what happens.

The room flickers in front of you for an instant like a PMP losing reception. You hear the hammer snap back on a cheap poly and you can almost smell the ozone as the bullet glides out of the chamber. The window flies apart in shatterproof shards the size of disembodied limbs. Your neurochip feeds you the trajectory of the unequivocal sentence of death speeding your way as your eyes swivel in their machined sockets. Juice crashes through your veins. You've only got a split second to make a move. What do you do?

Format Softcover, full colour, graphic novel size PDF
Type Core Rules
Pages 392 pages
Rule System/Engine Powered by the Apocalypse
People & Companies
Author Fraser Simons

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The Veil (PDF)

  • £13.00

  • Price in reward points: 130

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