• Killshot Files #0: Retribution (PDF)

No one stumbles into assassination or tries it out for a lark. It's a calling. How you came into this work never matters, it's how fast you learn the trade. It's not something you can walk around calling yourself simply by blowing someone's head off and getting a small wad of cash for it; any idiot can do that. To be considered a true assassin, you have to prove you're capable of getting the job done. 

Killshot Files #0: Retribution is the quickest, simplest, and definitive way to try your hand at professional assassination or directing using the Killshot RPG. These 39 pages provide a basic version of the game, five (5) pre-generated characters, a Tracker, and a complete introductory job linking to the events in The Dead Can't Testify trilogy. All you need are the dice and an active imagination. More importantly, the entire PDF is FREE. You have nothing to lose.

This is the premiere issue for Killshot Files, an ongoing series of supplemental material for the Killshot RPG. Access additional content for assassins and Directors alike, new marks to insert in your own career, variant settings and hacks for a different kind of game, and a complete job in every issue. 

Designer: The Warden
System: Optional System (OSRPG)
Page Count: 39
Features: Removable layers for convenient at-home printing, 5 pre-generated assassins, Tracker, table of contents, bookmarks

This product is available using the Creative Commons license.

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Killshot Files #0: Retribution (PDF)

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