About Us

The Compose Dream Games Marketplace also offers games from many fellow Canadian RPG game designers. If you are an RPG designer, or publisher and want your product in our Markeplace please contact us.

Are intention is to provide very reasonable rates so more funds publishers as much as possible. The Marketplace takes only 15% of revenue, and pays out quarterly. Our 15% cut is taken out after transaction processing fees (~3.0% + 30cents per transaction) and a potential 3% that may go to an affiliate for driving traffic to our site. (Of course as a publisher, you can also benefit from the affiliate program, even from customers who buy other publishers products.)

The Compose Dream Games Marketplace also sells physical books, if you are interested in us having your books in stock please contact us. We sell directly to an expanding list of Canadian retailers, and to consumers. Retailers receive a 40% discount.

Compose Dream Games creates Ropleplaying Games that are quick to learn and evocative. The "rules" in our games are guidelines, so let them inspire you, not restrict you. Learn more about us at www.ComposeDreamGames.com