• AA#31 The Lost Lair of Drecallis

Drecallis. The very name stills brings a chill to even the hardened greybeards of the Nettlemist Valley. The great wyrm Drecallis has continually demanded yearly tribute from the people of Longridge, and the frightened townspeople have reluctantly obeyed. Any show of defiance, or failure to turn over suitable valuables, always resulted in great loss of life at the claws of the dragon. So the pact was kept. For four decades the red dragon Drecallis dwelled in her remote abode, satisfied that when she flew forth to the nearby town her yearly tribute would be waiting.

The arrangement with Drecallis was the result of a once-desperate parley, but after so many years the townspeople grew tired of giving up much of their income to the huge reptile within the hillside caves. Three times the local townspeople had tried, in one fashion or another, to put an end to the agreement via arms, and three times they failed. The last attempt, a sortie by well-armed party of twenty veteran warriors bolstered by two wizards of no small repute, was a dismal failure—not one of the men ever returned. Some weeks later, Drecallis arrived for her annual tribute as usual, bearing a few new scars but little else worse for the wear. The lives she took that day in retribution made the townspeople think long and hard about any further attempts to slay her.

But now something has changed.

An OSRIC module designed for 4-8 adventurers of levels 4-7.

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Format 8.5" x 11" black and white
Type Adventure module
Pages 11 pages
Rule System/Engine OSRIC / 1st edition Fantasy
People & Companies
Author Rick Maffei

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AA#31 The Lost Lair of Drecallis

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