Dream Askew gives us ruined buildings and wet tarps, nervous faces in the campire glow, strange new psychic powers, fierce queer love, and turbulent skies above a fledgling community, asking “What do you do next?”

Dream Apart gives us demons and wedding jesters; betrothals and pogroms; mystical ascensions and accusations of murder; the sounds of the shofar ringing through cramped and muddy streets, of cannon fire, of the wolf’s footfalls in the snowy pine forest; asking “What do you do next?”

This book contains two games of belonging outside belonging. Dream Askew explores the story of a queer enclave amid the collapse of civilization. Dream Apart explores the story of a Jewish shtetl in a fantastical version of nineteenth-century Eastern Europe.

Both games use a simple no dice, no masters system that puts the focus on relationships, community struggles, and player choice.

Build a community together, and then make trouble within it!

For More info see https://buriedwithoutceremony.com/

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Format 6 x 9 perfect bound
Type Core Rules
Pages 181 pages
Rule System/Engine No Dice, No Masters
People & Companies
Author Avery Alder and Benjamin Rosenbaum

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Dream Askew / Dream Apart (softcover or PDF)

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