• AA#25 Beneath the Heart of Empire

The Venirian Empire, while still reduced in size, has begun its climb back towards its former glory. The senate has retained power, with no new emperor having been elected since Emperor Gaius IV’s demise. The capital has been re-located back to Venir, and a thriving city has been built above the swallowed ruins of the old city. Various connections to the old city can be found in the sewers, cellars, and other underground portions of the rebuilt city of Venir, and adventurers frequently plumb these depths in search of the secrets and treasures of the empire’s glory days.

What lurks beneath the heart of empire?

Advanced Adventures #24 Beneath the Heart of Empire is an OSRIC(tm) module designed for 6-10 adventures of levels 1-3.

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Format 8.5" x 11" black and white
Type Adventure module
Pages 9 pages
Rule System/Engine OSRIC / 1st edition Fantasy

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AA#25 Beneath the Heart of Empire

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